Janis Powers is so intent on improving health care that she’s designed a completely new payment system. Her plan: eliminate health insurance, enabling individuals to redirect their financial resources into personal accounts that fund their lifetime health care needs. Her ideas are outlined in her Amazon Bestselling book Health Care: Meet the American Dream. Powers founded the company Longitudinal Health Care to bring the ideas from her book to reality. 

Prior to her work with Longitudinal, Janis served as a health care strategy and operations consultant. She has consulted for a full range of providers including integrated delivery systems, for-profit and not-for-profit health systems, academic medical centers, rural hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices and federally qualified health clinics. Her goal is to optimize how dollars are spent to improve efficiency and enhance patient outcomes.

A common theme in her work is the alternative perspective she brings to the challenges of the health care industry. Current legislation, academic constructs, existing pricing structures – everything goes under her microscope, evaluated through a lens that looks for a simpler, more cost effective way to deliver high quality care. Over the years, her articles have appeared in a variety of media outlets including Hospitals and Health NetworksHealthcare Financial Management, the Austin American Statesman and The Huffington Post. She also regularly posts on her eponymous website janispowers.com.

Janis majored in architecture at Yale. She holds masters’ degrees in business and architecture from the University of Michigan. A former college athlete (Powers rowed on the Women’s Crew Team at Yale), she still maintains a six-day-a-week regimented workout schedule. She is an avid cook and has visited over 40 countries. Janis Powers lives in Austin, Texas with her two children.